Software localisation into all commercial languages

We translate software, databases, home pages and technical documentation into all commercial languages for your company.

Software Localisation
  • Software localisation comprises the translation of software, technical documentation or databases into other languages.
  • The respective nomenclatures and customs of the language area are taken into account in the translation. This also includes adapting country-specific coding and metatags or forms. The graphic elements are also translated.
  • If you wish to break into foreign markets with your company, software localisation into other languages is essential for a rapid launch.
  • We localise software into all commercial languages for companies worldwide. With our large number of qualified staff, we are in a position to supply you with high-quality, qualified software localisation.
  • Graphic elements and layouts are also adapted.
  • Apart from translating individual terms, we also adapt country-specific items such as currencies, units for weights and measures, etc.; in some cases, changes with a cultural background and language-specific layout changes are necessary.
  • All translations are of course proofread by experienced translators.


Software Localisation into all commercial languages. Localisation