Translation of Patents

Do you need a competent and professional translation of your patent? Look no further. Our team specialises in finding the right translator for your text. Our translators only translate into their mother tongue and are competent in the target languages. Proofreading by a second translator is strongly recommended. Our patent translations are a great help with submitting your patent in the respective target country. If you are interested in collaboration with us, please get in touch.

We need the following information in order to complete your translation as quickly and simply as possible:
  • Original and target language of the patents to be translated
  • Delivery date
  • Length
  • Specialist area
  • Format of the patent to be translated and the translated text
We offer a professional translation in the subject area and language of your choice. Our team works closely with you and ensures that the finished product completely corresponds to your wishes and expectations. This permits constant, state-of-the-art quality.

The greatest of care must be exercised when translating patents. This area of translation is especially quirky and difficult and only specialists are able to deal with it appropriately.

Particular precision in translation is required when intellectual property is involved. Any imprecision could destroy intellectual assets worth millions of euros.

The same is true of scientific and technical translations performed by our company. These translations serve both as a basis for important investigations and research and for business decisions. Quality and care is especially important in this field. We constantly strive to ensure these requirements are met. Our customers appreciate it.
To ensure we meet our own standards, we have developed a demanding procedure to test the precision and correctness of translations and be able to guarantee the best possible results.

We take the time necessary for preparation and performance. This increased time is decisive for a satisfactory result. Two of our linguists first view the document to be translated. These two linguists have different mother tongues - one the source language, the other the target language. Distinct problems are discussed during this first viewing and possible solutions determined. Once all cases of doubt and critical passages have been clarified, time is spent finding the corresponding terminology in the target language to render the patent text's technical terms. Only then is the document translated. The two linguists view the translation independently. They compare the target document with the original text and make certain that the target text corresponds precisely to the original text.

Finally, we also adjust the layout to the customer's desired criteria. We can also take other optical measures if required. We offer quality and take care of our customers even after the transaction is completed.

You can optimise our service to your personal requirements. We are a reliable, punctual, friendly and professional team and look forward to working with you.


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