Medical Translations

Are you looking for competent, professional translation of medical texts? Then you should talk to us.

Although medical treatments are being standardised more and more worldwide, the language barrier is still a major hindrance. With our worldwide network of employees we can help you overcome these barriers and be successful internationally. Just contact our staff.

We offer a broad range of translations. An overview:
  • Formulae
  • Patient information leaflets
  • Instructions for using devices or software
  • Medical documents
  • Training documents for medical staff
  • Research reports
  • Medical handbooks, brochures and software
  • Toxicological, pharmaceutical, clinical and biological information / documents

We can also help you to express your thoughts clearly before an international public of health professionals, customers and patients and to avoid misunderstandings. Do get in touch if you are interested in working with us. In order to be able to accelerate and simplify the whole process we need the following information in addition to the text:
  • Original and target language
  • Delivery date

Our staff will deal with your order without delay.

Translating medical texts into German, Japanese or French not only requires perfect knowledge of the initial and target languages but also medical training and long-term professional experience. Those are also the selection criteria for the translators who work for us.
The greatest demand for medical translations comes from large pharmaceutical companies. We translate instructions (manuals), labels and also test and investigation results. Errors must not be allowed to occur when it's a matter of human health. That could have fatal results. That's why we commission medical professionals with language skills for your orders. These include specialists from various fields of medicine, e.g. general practice, surgery, orthopaedics, cosmetic surgery, veterinary medicine, dentistry.

Medical translations are finally read and assessed by other medical specialists, since medicine has a language of its own. If a translator is not confident with the terminology and the style they can come to false conclusions because they do not fully understand the medical text or are not familiar with the topic.

Adequate training is decisive when translating medical texts. Basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology are as absolutely necessary as practical experience. Our worldwide translators have trained as doctors, clinical engineers and assistant medical technicians. That is the quality guarantee we offer.

The translators are familiar with all translating techniques. They maintain their mother tongue and use it daily. They all have a university degree and experience in the medical sector, both in their native country and abroad.

Work with us. Then you can be sure that you are dealing with highly qualified professionals who understand the subject matter. Our translators are not just simple word-for-word translators. We keep a close eye on the work performed and query everything that is inconclusive and illogical. Medically qualified translators have the last word, however.

Quality is extremely important in medicine and you should not entrust those with no idea of the subject matter with this demanding task.

Medical translations demand the highest precision, detailed knowledge and confident handling of specialist terminology. Only those who are involved with the task area on a daily basis have the necessary confidence and experience. Inexperienced translators cannot make sense of complex original texts, and any misunderstanding in the translation can have fatal consequences.

Our translators are familiar with the cutting edge of research because they are a part of it. That means you can be sure that our translators are familiar with the country-specific terminology and take this into account when translating. Our horizon of experience and the resources available to us form an optimum basis for successful collaboration. Try it for yourself; we are sure you will appreciate it.

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