Translations of Websites

We offer a professional website translation service. Are you interested? Please contact us. We can provide an immediate quotation tailored to your needs. Our consulting team is highly experienced and takes care of your wishes without delay.

With the proliferation of new media, demand for web page translations is growing constantly. With the worldwide web it is possible to reach an international clientele. A multi-lingual website indicates a certain success for your company beyond your home country and makes it more attractive for customers who do not originate from the same language area.

We translate all formats you wish. With our skills and a good network of partner companies we offer the following options:
  • Production of multi-lingual web pages (or translation of existing pages into a foreign language)
  • Advice on the the creation of Internet business fora (successful acquisition of new customers)
  • Email management in the foreign language (as assistance for your employees for dealing with enquiries in the foreign language)
Please get in touch if you have further questions. We can then prepare a tailor-made quotation for you.
To ensure the translations are dealt with quickly and uncomplicatedly we need the following information:
  • Initial and target language of the website/home page to be translated
  • Delivery date
  • Text
  • Format of the website to be translated and the target text
We offer a professional translation in the subject area and the language of your choice. Our team works closely with you. They ensure that the finished product precisely reflects your wishes and expectations. We guarantee that only one translator will work on the website. This ensures constant quality at the cutting edge.

Communication with potential new customers and partners couldn't be easier on the Internet. This new medium will also secure new key markets and make your company known beyond national boundaries. However, since half of all Internet users do not speak English it's important to offer the content of your website in several languages.

If we adapt your Internet pages to cultural requirements we must also translate the text and adapt the graphics. In addition to simple language skills it is enormously important to to use current designations from a language area. Antiquated or incorrect terms confuse and are detrimental. We work with precision and offer the highest quality.

Websites are the hallmark and advertising for your company. The importance of a professional appearance for your company on the international market is decisive. One error and the seriousness of your company is at risk. You need a competent partner to support you. We have the resources and the experience you need to be able to swim on the wave of success.

  • We translate websites into all commercial languages, taking into account the formal and cultural circumstances of the respective target language.
  • This also means that country-specific codes and metatags or forms are adapted language-specifically. The graphic elements are also translated.
  • Country-specific adaptations such currencies, units for weights and measures and the like are made in addition to translating individual terms.
  • Graphic elements and layouts are also adapted.
Our staff consists of qualified native speakers who translate your home page into any commercial language. We can react to individual wishes as regards the layout and the format of your website.

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